Cairns Colonial Club Resort

Is it time for a Staycation?

There’s nothing like the feeling of going on a holiday. There’s the excitement of the initial booking, then the countdown, and eventually the mad scramble to get your life in order before swooping off for a few days of bliss. If you’re lucky, the actual holiday period will be a breeze, full cooling down in the pool, ordering cocktails on your room tab, and maybe leaving the hotel for an activity or two.

But life is busy, and money can be tight, and we don’t always have the means to jet off to New Zealand for a weekend on the slopes. This is where the beloved staycation comes into play.

Pros: There’s minimal travel time, you’re likely to know the area, and you can finally book into that new restaurant you’ve been dying to visit since it opened…six months ago.

Cons: It may seem a little silly to spend money to stay somewhere you already live, or maybe you aren’t interested in such an ordeal (in which case this is the wrong article for you!) – but we promise that it’s worth the risk.

A staycation doesn’t always have to be right on your doorstep either. We’re not expecting you to drag the fam 3 doors down the road to stay at your neighbour’s house. In case you forgot, Cairns has dozens of unique locations right on our doorstep, all within an hour or two’s drive.

If you’re craving the beach, Port Douglas, Palm Cove or Mission Beach will be the destinations for you. You’ll find an array of beautiful hotels and resorts, as well as holiday homes and hostels if you’re heading there on a budget.

To wake up in the treetops, a weekend in the Daintree or up in Kuranda will be the place for you. And if you’re looking for somewhere a little closer to home, well, you know where to find us.