Cairns Colonial Club Resort

Cairns Aquarium has made a splash

After 6 years in planning and development, the Cairns Aquarium is officially open! The $54million project opened on the 19th September 2017, with over 2000 visitors through the doors on the first day.

The aquarium is set to be one of Cairns’ most popular land-based attractions. Visitors will be able to experience a show stopping spectacle of colour, shape and movement seen nowhere else in the world.

Get close to colourful and dangerous creatures, discover weird and wonderful animals and face off with unique and endangered species.

700,000 people are expected through to visit the aquarium each year to experience the aquariums offerings, including colourful and dangerous creatures, weird and wonderful animals and view unique and endangered species.

Daily talks and presentations as well as animal experiences will keep you informed as you wander through the incredible underwater spectacular.


Information about the Aquarium:


Getting there:

The aquarium is located in the Cairns City and guests staying at the Cairns Colonial Club Resort can catch the regularly scheduled city shuttle direct to the city for a nominal fee – you will be at the aquarium after just a short 5-minute drive.


Opening hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm, with the last admission at 4pm.

Friday: 9am to 7pm, with last admission at 6pm.



Ticket can be purchased online at http://www.cairnsaquarium.com.au/ or at the aquarium.